Monkey See Monkey Do. Have fun and teach English to children

Monkey See Monkey Do. Have fun and teach English to children

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Imitation is one of the most natural abilities of children. What they see, they do as is, especially in preschool. With the Internet, the proposals in this sense only grow. There is a series of videos featuring a very funny monkey, which drives children crazy. Is named Monkey See Monkey Do. Have you ever seen it?

More than a simple video, Monkey See Monkey Do (Monkey sees, monkey does) is a game in which the child imagines being the monkey, that is to say, he imitates all his movements, while others, friends and parents, repeat everything he does. This game has everyone moving around the house, jumping, crawling, walking like monkeys, on tiptoe or on all fours, running, turning and doing cartwheels.

Aside from encouraging children to move around and do physical exercises, this game also sparks children's interest in languages. Children can learn English, in a very entertaining way.

Imitation, in the first years of a child's life, becomes a way of learning tasks and acquiring new knowledge.Monkey See Monkey Do, a Smartoonz production, is one such example.

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Video: Monkey See Monkey Do - Pilot Episode (June 2022).


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