Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter N

Most popular names for girls that begin with the letter N

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Parents anxiously await the baby's arrival between preparations and decisions. One of the most difficult decisions is to name. Everybody wants a nice name for your little girl, but while some prefer to stay true to tradition, others go for original names.

To aid in this task of choosing a baby's name, we have arranged popular names according to their starting letter. In this list of 10 names by the letter N surely you will find the ideal name for your girl.

1.Noa. It is a name of Hebrew origin with a meaning related to peace, rest or tranquility. It is a very attractive name for its simplicity and because it is somewhat exotic. It has the peculiarity that it can also be a name for a boy, although in this case it is more common to write it as Noah.

2.Nerea. The name has a Greek origin and a meaning that speaks of flowing water and waves, Nereo being a divinity of waters. We are facing one of the most popular names for girls that does not lose freshness with use and with a great personality.

3.Natalia. This name is of Latin origin and refers to Christmas or the moment of birth in general. Its musicality makes it an elegant and distinguished name for a girl capable of highlighting the beauty and personality of your girl.

4.Nuria. The name has an Arabic origin and a luminous and bright meaning. It is a name that is very familiar with the special charisma of those names that never go out of style. Without a doubt, a safe bet for your girl.

5.Noelia. It is a name of French origin in which we find, again, a meaning related to Christmas. The name sounds delicate and sophisticated and maintains its invariable popularity oblivious to fashions and trends.

6.Naiara. This name is of Basque origin and its popularity is increasing due to the charisma it brings. It combines the perfect characteristics of a girl's name, such as simplicity, musicality and a certain exotic touch. And it is that Naiara is perfect to reinforce the personality of your girl.

7.Naia. It is a name of Greek origin that refers to the Naiads, some sea fairies from Greek mythology. It is a delicate and powerful name, little used so far, although it is not eccentric. Its simplicity and the seduction it gives off is what makes it gain popularity every year.

8.Nadia. The name has a Russian origin and a meaning that speaks of hope, which can be perfect for your girl. It exudes elegance and sophistication and is also backed by a long tradition of charismatic and seductive women named Nadia.

9. Standard. It is a name of Latin origin of uncertain meaning but with a growing popularity. Norma brings beauty and distinction as well as being marked by a strong personality and charisma. And it is that we are facing one of the most complete names for girls.

10. Naomi. This name is of Hebrew origin and is one of the most eloquent. Its meaning is related to sweetness, something that is seen as soon as it is pronounced because it has an unusual musicality that inspires balance and harmony.

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