'You only have to deliver by cesarean section if necessary'

'You only have to deliver by cesarean section if necessary'

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Cesarean deliveries are on the rise. According to World Health Organization (WHO) that recommends that all of this type of intervention be between 17 and 20 percent of deliveries, reveals that in developed countries such as Spain, this figure shoots up to 25 percent of deliveries, which means that at least 5 percent of caesarean sections are unnecessary.

Despite the fact that we all know that cesarean delivery is an operation with the risk of very serious and even fatal complications, the doctors at the recent Global Congress on Maternal and Child Health record an excessive increase in cesarean sections in developed countries. In countries not as developed as Ethiopia, the caesarean section rate stands at 1 percent.

The president of Congress, Lluís Cabrero, warns: "You only have to do a cesarean section if necessary." According to him, in Spain, private clinics practice 29 percent of this type of intervention, while in public clinics this percentage reaches 21 percent.

Cabrero believes that this increase is due to the increase in the age of mothers to have their first child. In Spain, the average age in which women have their first baby is 31.5 years and logically that can lead to diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Apart from that, he points to the frequent motherhood of women with diseases such as diabetes, who previously decided not to have children.

Women who are about to give birth should know that this practice must be justified by doctors and not on demand for their comfort and well-being. A caesarean section can cause injuries, that is, hemorrhages, infections, in neighboring organs, and even injuries to the fetus and psychological problems. "It is not the same as removing a tooth," laments Cabrero.

Only caesarean section should be performed when the outlet canal is smaller than the fetus; when the child is going to come out in a bad position (butt or wrapped by the umbilical cord, etc.); when there is acute fetal distress and in seasonal deliveries when there is no dilation and the woman cannot remain in labor for days.

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