How to awaken children's interest in languages

How to awaken children's interest in languages

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They say that babies are like sponges. That is the best time to teach them languages. But of course, not all children find it such a good idea. If it is already difficult for them to understand us, I imagine what it will be like to have to distinguish between several different languages.

But children are surprising, and what seems to us an insurmountable challenge, for them it can turn into a simple game. This is the key so that the child does not end up hating a language: the game.

It is not the same to learn in front of a paper full of strange words than to use the words through a game, a story or a song. Having to listen to a person speak in a foreign language without understanding anything is not the same as listening to your favorite cartoon characters in another language. Is not the same.

My son, for example, did not like English classes. He said he didn't understand anything. Nor did he want me to put the pictures in English. However, he is very passionate about Formula 1 racing and one day I saw him enthusiastic in front of the television, listening to a broadcast of a race in English. So I found the formula. Since then, I have always searched and searched in English for everything that has to do with motorsports. He enjoys. And learn.

I am convinced that there is no impossible subject to pass, but an inadequate method. The question is to find something that makes the child enjoy while learning. The same thing your son likes a lot when you tell him stories. Use stories in English. Or prefer that you do theater with the puppets. Improvises dialogue in English. You may prefer to play with dolls. Make the dolls speak in English. Put his favorite series in the language you want him to learn. Talk to him from time to time in another language. Sing with him, invent choreography. Improvise games whose theme is the language you want him to learn. Post posters around the house with phrases in English, or French, Italian ... the language you want to teach your child.

You are sure to find the magic formula to capture your child's attention and stimulate their interest in languages. Remember that nowadays it is not enough to know just one language. Knowing someone else opens borders. You will be helping him to build a better future and to lose his fear of traveling and learning about other cultures.

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