The first ultrasound of pregnancy

The first ultrasound of pregnancy

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One of the tests that a pregnant woman must inevitably undergo is the ultrasound. At least three ultrasounds will be necessary throughout the pregnancy, one for each trimester of pregnancy. But it is the first ultrasound that generates the most expectation, the one that makes the most illusion, but also the one that generates the most nerves. Are you ready for your first ultrasound?

The first pregnancy ultrasound confirms that a life is brewing inside you. It is a very important and emotional moment because it is a kind of presentation of your baby. At last you will meet your baby and, through the screen, that first contact with your child will be made unforgettable.

But the first ultrasound of pregnancy has other decisive functions for the pregnancy development. First, the ultrasound confirms that you are pregnant and that the embryo is in the uterus, thus ruling out an ectopic pregnancy. In addition, the nuchal fold and head circumference are observed and it is detected whether it is a multiple or simple pregnancy.

In that first ultrasound the estimated date of delivery will also be determined, but the most impressive thing about this test is to check the heartbeat of your baby. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is an unforgettable experience because at that moment the bond between mother and child becomes indestructible. That is why the ideal is to go to that ultrasound with the baby's father and be able to share the first experiences as a family.

The question most women ask themselves future moms en when should the first pregnancy ultrasound be done? The desire, of course, is to do it as soon as possible, to check that there are no complications, that the baby is developing correctly and that the pregnancy continues. However, it must be borne in mind that, to check all these things, we must allow time for the embryo to develop.

The first ultrasound is recommended between week 6 and 12 of pregnancy. And the truth is that this space of time generates a lot controversy. There are doctors in favor of doing in week 6 so that the mother can verify as soon as possible that her pregnancy is a reality. On the contrary, other doctors prefer to wait a few weeks to find the most developed baby and check its condition and even its movements.

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