42 weeks pregnant in 1 minute

42 weeks pregnant in 1 minute

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When I got pregnant with my first child, I took a weekly photo at home, always in the same place. When the baby was born, I mounted the photos, put music on it, and gave it to the grandparents who still, from time to time, look at it with nostalgia.

Since then I have seen many videos with montages related to pregnancy. Some are very simple, like mine, and others are really original and fun like that of an Israeli couple who shot the video: 42 weeks in 1 minute. Introducing Gal.

At home, on a boat, in the baby's future room ... Those are the different scenarios that this couple uses to tell about their pregnancy. The grace of this video, in addition to seeing how they prepare to receive little Gal, is that the father always carries a pump to inflate mats and little by little the mother's belly seems to be swelling.

At the end of the video, we can see Little Gal on his mama's lap while the happy dads kiss each other. A wonderful and different way to tell about pregnancy and a very nice memory that Gal can have when she grows up.

The most apparent change in pregnancy is, of course, the growth of the belly. That is why on the Internet you can find hundreds of videos in which we can see how the gut grows throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. There are also videos of mom's tummy as her baby rolls and kicks, ultrasound videos, and even videos of the live pregnancy test. It is not necessary to be a film or photography director or have great notions of technique, only illusion and desire to create a memory to keep for a lifetime.

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Video: Your baby at 40 weeks. Pregnancy week by week (June 2022).


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