Do you think parents can give a baby the name 'Q'?

Do you think parents can give a baby the name 'Q'?

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The name chosen for a child in question was not Quintino, Quiterio, Querubín, or Quique, not that it started with the letter Q, the name preferred by his parents was simply the consonant Q, nothing more. A right that has just been recognized as valid by the Swedish Supreme Court.

The news is in a local Swedish newspaper. Some parents managed, after the justice twice forbade them to give this name to the child, that they be recognized the right to call their sonQ. It was what was missing! Another rare and unusual name for little creatures ... Parents claimed that the nameQ it is not an offense for the little one, that's why they wantedQwas his first name.

According to them, the name Q It is very timely since they consider your child as a unique and special child, and therefore should have an original name. Parents, of course, are happy about the Supreme Court decision, and say they have called Q your child from the first day of birth. The baby hears the name and already recognizes it. Anyway, the boy will be called Q Rehnberg. In Swedish I don't know if this consonant sounds in a special way. The only thing I can assure you is that the consonant Q in Spanish, and said just as it sounds to a Portuguese, for example, it would sound fatal. The "cu" in Portuguese or Galician is the same as "ass" in Spanish. It would certainly cause more than a nuisance to the little one.

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