Day of Saint Claudio, February 15. Names for boys

Day of Saint Claudio, February 15. Names for boys

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Claudio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that indicates origin of the legendary and prestigious Claudia family of ancient Rome. It is a rare name, but it is neither old-fashioned nor extravagant.

An ideal name for your child who will arrive surrounded by all the nobility and elegance that this name prints. He celebrates his name day on February 15, which is the day of San Claudio.

The name Claudio corresponds to a charismatic person with an overwhelming personality. It is one of the names that most strongly impresses the person who wears it, Claudio being an influential person and much admired in his circle of friends. A born leader who is not afraid to take on responsibilities to lead, disciplined and highly effective.

The name of your son has lost popularity in recent years, contrary to what happens with his feminine, Claudia, which has become one of the most frequent names for girls. But Claudio maintains all his strength and remains sophisticated despite his age. Throughout history, there are many famous people who have carried the name of Claudio.

But among all of them stands out the Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germánico, who ruled between two heavyweights in the history of Rome such as Caligula and Nero. Claudio has also been the protagonist of countless historical novels, films and television series that we all know, such as “I, Claudio” and “Claudio, the god and his wife Messalina”, both by Robert Graves.

If the name of your son Claudio is inevitably linked to the world of the Roman Empire, it should also be noted that it is a common name in France, in its variant Claude. Thus, we remember the outstanding composer Claude Debussy and the impressionist painter Claude Monet. Although more topical comes to mind, the actor of Belgian origin who starred in action films Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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