How fast children grow

How fast children grow

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How fast children grow! ... One day you open your eyes and you are in labor contractions, another day the baby makes its first gurgling and another day you are already accompanying him on his first day of school.

When I walk with my children, grandparents and grandmothers usually stop me and they always tell me the same phrase: 'Take advantage now that this happens very quickly'. They already told me when my oldest son was a baby, and they were absolutely right in the world, in the blink of an eye almost 8 years have passed, but how? I hardly even noticed!

Childhood is a wonderful timeTaking advantage of every moment we have with our children is essential not only for them, but also for us. Whether children make us lose our patience or raise our stress level, they also give us such special moments that they are priceless: their first smile, a hug with their little arms, a very comical occurrence, their face while they sleep peacefully. ..

Time passes so fast that you did nothing you held your baby in your arms and now he is a running childHe has friends and has even learned to ride a bicycle. That's when you start looking at photos from a few years ago and a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy invades you. You remember the clothes she was wearing that day, the illusion that a gift made her, her first birthday or that time you went to the beach. In those moments you want to put your feet on the ground and take advantage of every second of your child and not miss anything, but life insists on making the clock run and run very fast.

Amelia and Matt with some American parents who have captured all these feelings in a very tender video that has already gone viral on YouTube. In it we can see little Teddy from the time he is 6 hours old until his first birthday. We see how it grows, how the first teeth appear, its first crawls or the difficulty of its first steps.

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