Puppets as an educational resource for children

Puppets are children's toys that have not gone out of style. Children have used them from generation to generation as a toy to have fun making up stories and creating situations. And, parents have taken their children to see puppet theater performances long before television or motion pictures existed.

Puppets or marionettes tend to be liked by all children. They can create different characters and represent different stories, moments, adventures, or situations with them. They are a toy with which they can empathize and create stories. In addition, watching puppet shows is not only entertaining, it is also pedagogical.

1. Develops creativity and imagination: they can be used by children to create their own stories. It is they who decide what the puppets will say or what actions they will represent. It is an activity that invites the imagination to run wild.

2. They increase attention span: they stimulate the child's concentration, since he has to be attentive both to create his characters and to devise the stories. They help the child to stay doing the same activity for a certain time. If you are watching puppet theater, you will need to focus on helping the main character through the story.

3. Educate in values: the traditional stories that are represented with the puppets, spoke of values ​​such as tolerance, generosity or kindness. They tend to convey a positive message to children.

4. They are simple toys to create by the child himself. It is also a very easy item to acquire and is available to all children.

5. Learning by playing: without realizing it, children expand their vocabulary and work on logic and memory. In addition, puppets or puppet theaters stimulate the child's understanding, since he has to interact with the characters.

6. They promote empathy: the child has to take the side of one of the characters and help him during the story. This helps the little ones to put themselves in the shoes of other people and appreciate the feelings that certain actions can produce.

For all these reasons, puppets are a very good pedagogical and educational element. They not only teach the child through play, but also transmit a moral message to the child, educate them in values. Not only are they a resource for leisure time, but they also transmit moral values ​​to children.

Even, many times they help the most shy children to open up and communicate, since the puppet facilitates both verbal and non-verbal communication.

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