Taekwondo practice for children

Taekwondo practice for children

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For the child to enjoy and learn taekwondo techniques well, it is necessary that they have the understanding and encouragement of their parents. Yolanda Ubero Alcañiz, black belt and professional of this sport, assures that it is essential that parents have peace of mind and that they "do not be in a hurry when it comes to seeing the results."

Learning taekwondo is very technical and takes a long time to see a progression. So we must motivate our children And do not discourage them with possible comparisons, since in the activity of taekwondo they will grow up in a healthy and sporty environment.

Taekowndo is a martial art of Korean origin that dates back to 50 AD. At the Sydney Olympics in 2010 he managed to become olympic discipline, since in previous years it was only an exhibition sport. Taewondo is a combat sport in which you fight with your feet, hands and other parts of the body. For taekwondo, physical training is important, but also mental and spiritual.

Parents may feel rejection of this sport thinking that it can enhance the violent character of the child or develop aggressive behaviors. Far from this, according to experts, taekwondo affects the development of the child's personality, helps them gain discipline, stimulates social relationships and facilitates the ability to fight and self-control.

It is very important that children carry and practice at home some of the rules they learn during taekwondo classes. And more importantly, parents help them meet them.

1. They must show respect to their parents and family members at all times.

2. They should greet their parents when they enter the house and say goodbye when they leave.

3. They must be sincere at all times.

4. They must maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.

5. They should help with the chores around the house.

6. They must keep their rooms clean, tidy and orderly.

7. They must keep their body, hair and teeth clean at all times.

8. They should not interrupt adult conversations.

9. They should study their homework both at school and at home.

10. They should show respect to their instructors and classmates at all times.

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