Mother, take me to bed. Poems for Mother's Day

Mother, take me to bed. Poems for Mother's Day

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A beautiful poem can brighten the day of mothers, those who are closest to children since pregnancy and who maintain that special union for the rest of their lives. Here you have a beautiful poetry by the Spanish writerMiguel de Unamuno dedicated to all mothers.

On Mother's Day, children show their appreciation for all these unselfish care of mothers and what better way than to do it with a poetry dedicated especially to them.

Mother, take me to bed.

Mother, take me to bed

that I am not standing up.

Come son, God bless you

and don't let yourself fall.

Do not leave my side,

sing me singing that one.

My mother used to sing it to me;

As a young girl I forgot

when I pressed you to my breasts

with you I remembered.

What does the song say, my mother,

what does the song say?

Don't say, my son, pray

pray words of honey;

say dream words

that they say nothing without him.

Are you here, my mother?

because I can't see you ...

I am here, with your dream;

sleep, my son, in faith.

Miguel de Unamuno

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