Attached to me. Poems for Mother's Day

Attached to me. Poems for Mother's Day

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Attached to me, a poem to celebrate Mother's Day written by Gabriela Mistral. Power is a real pleasureenter the world of verses, rhymes, expression and literary art. Poetry has been written to be read, understood and meditated upon. Only in this way can one truly enjoy the meaning and play of their words and their language.

For moms there is no more special date than Mother's Day. A unique occasion to enjoy this joyous party with our babies and children.

Fleece of my flesh,

that in my womb I wove,

chilly fleece,

Fall asleep attached to me!

The partridge sleeps in the clover

listening to it beat:

do not disturb my breath,

Fall asleep attached to me!

Shaky little weed

amazed to live,

don't let go of my chest:

Fall asleep attached to me!

I have lost everything

now I tremble to sleep.

Don't slip off my arm:

Fall asleep attached to me!

Gabriela Mistral

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