French songs for children

French songs for children

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Nursery rhymes are a great vehicle for children to become familiar with another language and learn new vocabulary. On our site we offer you several french folk songs so that your children learn the language.

These songs are sung by French-speaking children and are well known. You can sing them at home since we offer you the lyrics and the video with the music.

Here is a selection of traditional French songs to sing with the children and to familiarize them with the language.

Alouette, gentille alouette. Alouette, gentille alouette is a traditional French song. It is ideal for children to get started in the French language as it talks about the different parts of a bird's body.

Pirouette, peanut. Pirouette, pecahuète is a very popular French children's song. On our site we show you the lyrics of the song and the video of it so that you can sing it at home and thus learn French in a fun way.

Frére Jacques. Lyrics of the song Frère Jacques for you to sing to your baby at bedtime. The lyrics of a traditional and well-known song, in French and Spanish, so you can sing it to your children. Along with the lyrics you can also watch and put the video of this lullaby to make babies and children sleep.

South le Pont d'Avignon. Sur le pont d'Avignon is a traditional French song that you can put your children to learn French. It is a song for children who can also dance holding hands.

Au clair de la lune. Au clair de la lune is a traditional French lullaby to sing to children before bed. It tells the story of Lubin looking for a pen to write a letter by moonlight. A beautiful lullaby for the children's bedtime and to rock the baby.

Lundi matinee. This song in French, Lundi matin, is ideal for children to learn or introduce themselves to learning French. It is a catchy melody that will help you to know how the days of the week are said in French.

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