Heart with wool. Decorative crafts for kids

Heart with wool. Decorative crafts for kids

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On our site we teach you how to make a heart with wool threads. A very nice and easy craft to make for rGive for Father's Day, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

This craft is ideal for children since as they have to do precision work, they will have to put their concentration and attention skills into practice.

  • Pair of scissors
  • Thumbtacks
  • Colored wool
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Cardboard or cork
  • Tip: we have made a heart, but you can make other shapes or different figures, according to your tastes.

1. We draw a heart on a paper and cut it out.

2. We place the heart on the chosen surface, be it cork or a cardboard and we put colored pins around the heart.

3. We remove the paper heart and tie the wool to one of the pins. Then we begin to pass the wool through the different pins, making different shapes and always remembering to join all the edges.

4. We tie a knot at the end of the process and we already have our decorative heart.

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