Pregnancy stages

Third month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

Third month of pregnancy. Pregnancy stages

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In the third month of pregnancy, the baby finishes forming to begin, from the fourth month of pregnancy, to grow and develop. This is an important stage of pregnancy, especially because during these four weeks, the pregnant woman and her partner will be able to receive information about the status of their baby.

If it is the first pregnancy, it is normal that it is not yet appreciated in the volume of the belly. At the 11th week of gestation, the uterus is the size of a grapefruit. Perhaps the expectant mother notices the increase in her breasts sooner and needs a bra of a larger size. The areola and nipples darken, become more sensitive, and the veins in the breasts become more marked.

This stage is characterized by emotional changes or humor. Although it seems strange, it is common to start crying for no apparent reason, to be tired and sleepy during the day, despite having slept well.

When the pregnancy approaches week 12, the nausea and vomiting gradually subside and disappear the following month. On the other hand, other discomforts such as heartburn may appear, due to the fact that the stomach is positioned to make room for the baby.

Thanks to the action of hormones on the sebaceous glands, the skin, hair and nails have a radiant appearance. Start using a cream with sun protection every day to avoid spots or chloasma gravidarum. Get in moderate exercise and take walks daily to stay in shape, which will help you stay in good health.

From the beginning of gestation until the end of the third month of pregnancy, the future mother may have gained a kilo or kilo and a half. This weight gain is normal. The doctor will recommend a balanced, healthy and complete diet, which provides the baby and the future mother with the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins.

In theweek 12, in the medical protocol of pregnancy an ultrasound is plannedof great importance. It is used to analyze the morphology of the fetus and determine the main possible anomalies. This ultrasound also establishes the certainty of a single fetus or multiple pregnancy and the development of the fetus is measured in relation to its gestational age. The 12-week-old baby is complete, he has his main organs, although he still lacks a lot of development.

Thanks to this, it is possible to check that all their organs are working normally and observe their sexual organs, which have already been differentiated, in the event that the couple wants to know the sex of their baby. However, it may not be clearly visible on this ultrasound. Your heartbeat will also be watched.

But, the most important advance of this ultrasound is the measurement of the nuchal fold (nuchal translucency) and the measurement of the nasal bone, since both are decisive in detecting a possible Down syndrome and other genetic disorders, which can be confirmed in amniocentesis.

The embryo becomes a fetus at the end of the third month of pregnancy. His forms already identify him as a human being. The arms and legs grow and harden by week 11, and are clearly defined by week 13. The bones of the hands are also defined andlook like nails.

The head defines its round shape, and on the face the eyes are located in their final position in the center of the face, although they will not open until later. During the third month, there is a remarkable growth of the sense organs. Hearing develops.

The stomach, liver, lungs, and pancreas are formed at week 12 and the intestines are placed within the abdomen of the fetus at the end of this third month. By week 12, the kidneys begin to function and the fetus urinates. The genitals are also formed. Other organs are not working yet, but they are formed and can be distinguished.

At the end of the third month of pregnancy, the fetus is like a miniature baby, about 10 centimeters and 50 grams. Start developing your own Fingerprints and its head is proportionate to the body. And besides, he already moves, kicks or kicks and extends his arms, although the mother does not notice it yet.

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