Teaching children to think, is it possible?

Teaching children to think, is it possible?

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On occasion, I have had to ask my son: what do you have the head for? A decision taken lightly, an impulsive solution to a problem that has brought bad consequences or doing something without having thought too much are the fundamental reasons why I have attracted their attention. Learn to use your head or to think before doing things it is possible without stumbling twice on the same stone.

But, how can we teach our children to direct their thoughts well, to be intelligent when making decisions, to act positively ... Family psychologists have put together a series of strategies that help children and their children. not so children to properly conduct their thoughts, putting into practice a series of useful and vital tips.

Just as in each family we give more priority to some things than to others, the same happens with values ​​in the education of children. More and more used to handling self-help manuals, we know that not everything works or at least not everything can be adapted to each one in particular. However, there are tips that can be of great help to us and that jump or stand out in our reading when we are looking for something that influences the change we are looking for.

If you want your children to grow up knowing the importance of knowing how to think and you want to do it well, the first and most important thing is that you teach them not to deceive themselves, to be sincere and to act coherently. More than teaching to think, the role of parents should be to motivate their children to want to think on their own and, to achieve this, it is necessary to promote family dialogue and the mental exercise of reasoning, defending a cause and have arguments to make their own decisions.

Following this line, if we want to learn to think, we must learn from mistakes and discover the world of mistakes, their causes and consequences to rectify. And it is that if we think that educating is, essentially, growing in freedom and responsibility, learning to decide well is one of the key aspects of this task: the more decision-making capacity our children have, the more free they will feel.

Learning to decide is also about asking yourself questions. Parents must stimulate, motivate, comment on and promote the right climate to favor the approach of many why, since human beings progress by posing new problems and seeking solutions.

But if there is something good for thinking, it is learning from the thinking of others. Books are works that feed the intelligence and if they are good, they can also fill the heart. Therefore, reading not only helps to think, but also expands vocabulary and helps to express ourselves clearly to present ideas and decisions. Encouraging a taste for reading is a way of teaching our children to think.

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