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Pregorexia or the obsession of the pregnant woman to be thin

Pregorexia or the obsession of the pregnant woman to be thin

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A disorder like anorexy it is something very dangerous, both in men and women, adolescents and adults. It is a problem that thousands of people suffer and that has to do with obsession with thinness.

Anorexia is a very complicated disorder when it is suffered by a pregnant woman, since it not only affects her body, but also the life that grows in it. This obsession during pregnancy is called pregorexiaThey are women who try to stay slim at all costs.

The pregorexia is an eating disorder like anorexia, but affects the pregnant women. Those who suffer from it have a true obsession with keeping their body slim despite the obvious physical changes that pregnancy causes in women.

Although it is true that the concept of 'eating for two' was banished, and that the pregnant woman must take care of herself since she knows that she is expecting a baby and carry a balance dietThis has nothing to do with 'crushing' the body to be the same weight or even thinner than before being a mother.

It is obvious that no woman expecting a child wants fatten to unsuspected limits, for the simple fact that later it is very difficult to regain the figure, and because an excessive diet can harm the baby, like that which is scarce.

Women with pregorexia may have had episodes of anorexia before pregnancy, and this can greatly harm the baby on the way, since if the mother does not eat, obviously the fetus will not receive the nutrients and vitamins it needs to develop correctly and may have problems both during its development and at the time of birth.

When a woman has this problem, in addition to exhaustive care from her gynecologist, she must have psychological help to be able to cope not only with the transit that your body will experience as the baby grows inside, as well as completely normal physical changes, and knowing how to cope with the stages of hormonal changes that are also happening.

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